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  • How do we tell kids to ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ 🔨?

    Mantras are one of the best ways to drill stuff into our brains! 🧠 Here’s the 1st of my #mondaymantra , “inspired” from my 10yo daughter’s reluctance to correct the errors I spotted in her Math homework this evening. 😤🙄 Not that getting the right answers is key, it’s more about having the right attitude […]

  • How do we CONNECT👩‍👧 as parents in the 21st century?

    One of my mini-mes has taken on a journal-writing habit like me! 😍 Mine’s a soft grey-blue calendar/organizer which I have re-purposed as my visual journal – perfect for me to practise my doodling/drawing on a daily basis and putting pen to paper my thoughts on parenting and personal growth. While my daughter has her […]

  • How do we help kids live up to their ⭐POTENTIAL⭐?

    I admit, parents like myself subconsciously place a lot of emphasis on how our kids fare academically because we associate good grades to kids getting into good schools, mixing with the right crowd, securing a good future so that they become successful in life. In other words, we’re afraid that poor grades or failures predict […]

  • Why should parents watch K-DRAMAS 🇰🇷?

    I’ve gotten back into my K-drama craze recently and have been catching up on 2 Netflix series concurrently – Was it Love? and Itaewon Class. To be honest, I didn’t even know why I started Itaewon Class because it didn’t sound very fun-loving to me, not something like Was it Love? 😍 But this show […]

  • How do we get FUTURE-FIT💪as parents?

    A brief chat with my kids’ swim coach today left me a little worried how this Covid-19 situation is impacting us for real (coach had parents pulling their kids out of swim school – deemed as enrichment class – because of job loss, work passes getting terminated, etc.) Momentarily, fear hit me. Should I be […]