Just for Laughs – What’s the right number?

One of my favourite 21st century parenting principles is that parenting is very much like a huge playground! Hardwork aside, kids are a lot funnier or more fun to be with than us adults sometimes. 🤭

Here’s sharing some conversations with my son about the need to, 1) eat moderately and 2) keep time.


Take 1: Eating Moderately

It all started when I couldn’t help but give a lecture after the hubs ordered a large plate of fried rice for my 7 year old son.

Mom: Oh, did you know that we should only eat up to 80% our fill for each meal instead of 100%?

Son: *Listens intently*

Mom: …eating to 100% will cause all the energy from your brain to go to the stomach to digest all the food that’s gone there, and you will end up feeling very sleepy.

Son: Umm… can I eat till I’m 91% full?

Mom: *Gags* Sureeeeee…


Take 2: Keeping Time

My kids sometimes text me to check what time they can expect me home from work. Yes, they’ve started to learn ways of using a mobile phone apart from launching Youtube for videos or swiping photos left/right. 🙂

Son: Hi Mommy, are you coming home yet?

Mom: Yes, I will be home by 8pm.

Son: Ok Mommy, please come home by 8:00. (My son likes being technical with telling the time)

Son: *On second thought* Mommy, please come home at 8:01.

Mom: *Gags* Sureeeeee…


Kids say the darnest things! 😅