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  • What to do if your kid is a REBEL πŸ˜ˆ?

    If there is one thing that parents want from their kids, it’s for them to be agreeable – always a yes to their asks for doing chores, picking up after themselves, co-existing harmoniously with their siblings and completing their homework without a prompt. *parental bliss* πŸ˜‡ Umm well, that’s pretty standard stuff, although I know […]

  • What makes kids TICKβœ…? (Part 2)

    The thing about being human is that we sometimes have our “human nature” that bugs us. We get impatient, snappy, nasty and then say the worst things that obviously don’t help in any situation at all. And kids, they clearly have great powers in summoning our “human nature” more often than not. They whine, sulk, […]

  • What’s the QUICKEST way to turn your kid into a SERIAL READER πŸ“š? (Part 2)

    In an earlier post, I shared how moms can build a reading habit in young kids – not rocket science, but something which I felt had some subtle tricks involved to “make it work”, and that parents like me failed to figure out sooner… until my kids were way past that “impressionable” stage. My elder […]

  • What’s the QUICKEST way to turn your kid into a SERIAL READER πŸ“š? (Part 1)

    I have always been struggling to get my kids onboard with habitual reading. Okay, maybe I haven’t struggled all the time (because I dropped out halfway πŸ˜›) but I did try the common advices out there, along the lines of “make reading a routine at bedtime”. The awful truth is, I just couldn’t keep up […]

  • What’s your MOJO πŸ‘―‍♀️?

    While fiddling with my mobile phone (somehow I always chance upon something while at it so who can blame adults/kids for mobile phone addiction right? πŸ˜†), I came across a piece I wrote as part of my interview for a digital writer bank role some years back. I actually feel pretty pumped while reading it! […]