Let’s Get Acquainted!

As a mom to 3 kids of school-going/preschooler age and having juggled parenthood with a full time job at a bank for a while, I know what it means to be constantly torn between giving your best at home and at work. It’s so exasperating, right?!

. . . . .

Hello, I’m Elaine T. After a long day at work, it can be especially hard when I have to:

😤 face frequent tantrums from my eldest daughter because of homework.

(How then can I ‘get her into shape’ so that she reaches her best potential?)

😤 yell and issue threats at a whim because I got so messed up in the head, toggling between getting my kids to do simple things like taking their baths, or just not do anything at all like getting my son to stop irritating his younger sister.

(Where is the much-needed peace and headspace?)

😤 go against conventional parenting advice and ‘losing it’ in front of my kids – the going berserk kind. 😫

(*Mom-guilt overload* Am I damaging my kids with my parenting ways? Have I EVER ‘gotten it right’ at all?)

Now, I tame tantrums that usually go on for 30 minutes in under 3 minutes, regain my composure much quicker and my prize is my son telling me I’m a good mommy while we laid side by side before bedtime, chatting about random stuff.

“To a world where parents are empowered and fulfilled to raise happy, confident and well-adjusted kids.”

HE-ACK.com was born to remind that no matter the circumstances, we can reinvent ourselves, redesign our lives and positively influence those around us. KIDS INCLUDED! 👶🧒👧

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