Hello! Thanks for dropping by, I’m Elaine. 😊

A bit about myself – I’m trained in Finance and Marketing so am somewhat a mixed bag who’s good with numbers, but deep down inside, love all things creative too! I’m also a mom to 3 incredibly awesome kids and live on the sunny island of Singapore.

As with many others, I attempted my ascent of the corporate ladder, geared towards the analytical side of things, and that ran its course for 13 years. But clearly, balance is key to me. After having spent a long time in the same mould, plus managing 3 kids at home, I felt like I was losing my groove…

  • I thought about where my career was heading,
  • I wondered how I was going to continue as a working mom of 3,
  • As much as wanting the best outcomes for my kids, I questioned what I wanted for myself at the end of the day.

One year back, I decided to stop figuring and start finding. I dug and found some answers for myself – reinvention. And so here I am! I’m passionate to help busy moms get creative and reinvent themselves, squash any ounce of overwhelm in the task of parenting and give a little boost to their young ones. As moms, we could always do with a little inspiration. 😊

[He-ack] was born to remind myself, and hopefully others too like yourself, that even when circumstances change and commitments pile high, we can redesign our lives, and positively influence the lives of those around us in the process. We go from ‘heck’ to ‘hack‘!

Let’s he-ack it!