Let’s Get Acquainted

As a mom to 3 kids of school-going age and having juggled parenthood with a full time job at a bank for a while, I know what it means to be constantly torn between giving your best at home and at work. It’s so exasperating, right?!

Hello, I’m Elaine. After a long day at work, it can be especially hard when I have to:

  • Deal with temper tantrums
  • Struggle with homework struggles
  • Sort out sibling fights and rivalry

And the list goes on…

Now, I tame tantrums that usually go on for 30 minutes in under 3 minutes, regain my composure much quicker and my prize is my son telling me I’m a good mommy while we laid side by side before bedtime, chatting about random stuff.

HE-ACK.com was born to remind that no matter the circumstances, we can reinvent ourselves, redesign our lives and positively influence those around us. KIDS INCLUDED! 👶🧒👧

Let’s go from ‘HEck’ to ‘hACK‘! Here’s a good way to kick things off!