What is the meaning of MOLES in parenting 🤫?

These days I pride myself in being successful to summon the kids to the bedroom at 830pm. It happened again last night so I took the opportunity to give a 30minute lecture on why they need to cut down on playing app games. But what transpired next was another hour of deciphering meanings of moles on our body! 🤦‍♀️

It was clearly a bad idea to start this conversation topic past bedtime given how surprisingly addictive it was to go on and on on Google search for things like this! In hindsight, I guess I was also to blame to second it by saying “Oh, come like me check it on Google,” when I could have just roared “Time to sleep!”

Well, everyone has a parenting problem and mine is clearly always getting too carried away doing trivial stuff like searching for the meanings of moles past bedtime. 😔 But I guess there’s always a silver lining to every problem on earth as long as we allow ourselves to see it. So I quickly told myself that the lack of sleep + next morning madness to rush to school was compensated by,

1) making the kids think/feel how fortunate they are with their moles that signify “creativity”, “happiness”, “caring nature”, basically everything good, because I never bother to read out the not so good ones for obvious reasons like not making them start crying at bedtime or worse, traumatising them for a better part of their life until they grow old enough to realise that they should not believe EVERYTHING that is on the internet and instead, start to discern/believe in themselves,

2) making them start to worship me because I have moles that signify “lifelong good luck” and ones which “bring wealth and success to myself and those closest to me”, which also mean they are better off sticking with me and what I say! They were utterly in awe of me, at least last night they were. 😁🤣🤭

Well whatever it is, maybe this is NEXT LEVEL parenting! EXPECT and BELIEVE the good and the good will come. 💙

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