How do we tackle THOSE NEIGHBOURLY MATTERS 🏘 as parents?

I recently learnt that I’m not the only one at home taking in noise from my 3 kids (my neighbour 1 floor below hears them too). Honestly, I feel pretty sheepish about it, so I took the opportunity to tell the kids that given that others can hear us, imagine the level of decibels I’m subjected to being on Ground Zero!

The kids are older now so rationalising things from a third party perspective do work these days and they each came into my bedroom this morning to apologise/demonstrate their apologies by snuggling up to me.

The thing is, apart from the occasional shouts, the neighbour shared as well about the sound of thumping feet from above their unit which I can’t figure because the kids don’t run a whole lot in the apartment. I mean if they did, they wouldn’t have a combined weight of more than a 120kg right?!

Then it suddenly dawned on me before I went to bed last night that we played “Red Light, Green Light” from the Squid Game the other day and the only area in the house that gave us a couple of decent metres to dash towards the tagger was the walkway into our bedrooms.πŸ‘‡

Alas, the elephant in the room was ME! 🐘🐘🐘

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