When is the best time for HEART-TO-HEART ❤❤ conversations with kids?

My kids are homebodies – whether it’s by nature or nurture, so I like to make it a point to engage them with an outdoor activity every Sunday morning, just so they get their dose of vitamin D.

For the previous Sunday activity, we decided to go swimming and have some fun in the pool. We played “sticky bugs”, a game I randomly came up with once when they were much younger, where all 3 of them stick to me like bugs at the same time so that I can swing myself around to shake them all off at once! It’s a hilarious game for the kids but now that they have grown much bigger with a combined weight of more than 120kg, the game isn’t exactly working the way it was supposed to – I couldn’t even move an inch, let alone twirl! 🏋‍♀️🏋‍♂️🏋

As a cue to move on to something less strenuous, once they came off, I deftly waddled to the side of the pool and sat by one of the steps. The kids instinctively followed suit, gathered around me and what transpired next were conversations on real world issues like Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu(?!) Maybe it was the water but it was strangely therapeutic to have heart-to-heart chats with the kids by the pool like that that they wanted MORE, even after we sat wet and cold in the open for at least a good 15-20 minutes. 🥶

To me, that in itself is a good reminder that any TIME and SPACE can manifest as a great moment to connect as long as we slow down and stay present. 💫

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