How do we CONNECT👩‍👧 as parents in the 21st century?

One of my mini-mes has taken on a journal-writing habit like me! 😍

Mine’s a soft grey-blue calendar/organizer which I have re-purposed as my visual journal – perfect for me to practise my doodling/drawing on a daily basis and putting pen to paper my thoughts on parenting and personal growth. While my daughter has her unicorn booklet, a birthday favour from a classmate, where she starts writing her first few entries on people and things she loves. (apologies as I can’t show what’s inside because she says it’s “top secret” that even I’m only let in when she needs help to spell words like “Youtube”.😄)

I told her she can place her journal on mine, on the bedside table in my room where I usually place our books. That’s what we did, and it feels pretty amazing to share moments like these with her – to be connected even through things! 😊

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