When does MOM GUILT 😞 switch gear?

I’ve always felt a pang of mom guilt about not being successful in turning my kids into avid readers, until I came across these books while organising my home library recently and remembered just how MUCH ‘read-out-loud’ I did on these books with them at bedtime years ago. I had to snap a picture because it felt like I went through these pages a thousand times + what came next was a deep sense of relief that perhaps I didn’t do that bad as a parent after all!

Sometimes in the midst of living out our parental role (amongst many other roles), we remember only our lack instead of how much we tried + how far we have come. Seeing these books really gave me a perspective shift and I realised helping kids develop a reading habit sometimes takes more than just doing ‘read-out-loud’ sessions with them – it’s teaching them to read on their own then committing to a 10-15 minute of silent reading until they get the hang of it. It’s about a daily PRACTICE.

I took these books to my kids and despite being “too kiddy” for them now, it brought great comfort as we reread and relived the fun + relaxing nights we had years ago. Try reading an old favourite storybook to your kids and see their eyes and hearts light up! So even if all things fail, I definitely would have scored in boosting our oxytocin levels with this one! 😊

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