How do we help kids live up to their ⭐POTENTIAL⭐?

I admit, parents like myself subconsciously place a lot of emphasis on how our kids fare academically because we associate good grades to kids getting into good schools, mixing with the right crowd, securing a good future so that they become successful in life.

In other words, we’re afraid that poor grades or failures predict a poor outcome in life. However, we’ve heard of many real-life examples that prove otherwise.

I love to quote the story of Thomas Edison because his made a huge perspective shift in my daughter, Dan, once and she remembers very well of his “1000 unsuccessful attempts” before inventing the light bulb which has benefited his generation and beyond! His story teaches her to NEVER GIVE UP for what it’s worth and I think that’s a great gift to have.😊

As a parent, I too learn from Thomas Edison’s life story – did you know that he was deemed by teachers early on to be “too stupid to learn anything”? The irony teaches me as a parent to NEVER JUDGE a child (or any person for that matter) through only a single set of lens.

As such, parenting clearly has a lot to do with “moulding” our perspectives so that we guide our kids in “unfolding” their potential. It should never be the other way round where we suss out trends and make chasing grades the only way out.

Recognising this difference is the first step to take – the next is knowing what makes our kids tick so that they can learn from a young age to operate at their highest potential, working along these lines by zoning in on your child’s VALUES & PASSIONS.

I do all of this in my Raise Perfect Kids with Imperfect Parenting 1.1 program. Designed to run for 8 weeks for parents with kids from 3 to 10 years of age, it tailors to specific parenting needs and offers actionable steps so that you learn a better, longer-term strategy instead of top-line parenting tips dished out in disarray from books, the WWW or well-meaning people around you.

In this program, you’ll learn how to:

✅ get your kids into shape and operating from their highest potential,

✅ stop tantrums that usually last 30 minutes in just 3 minutes,

✅ earn that much-needed peace and headspace for yourself,

✅ stop energy-draining things like perpetually wondering if your parenting ways are
damaging to your kids and if you have ever ‘gotten it right’ at all!

✅ build a beautiful relationship between yourself and your children that’s based on mutual respect and love.

You’ll also learn how to stop:

❌ beating yourself up because you’ll have a suite of respectful parenting techniques – no more mom guilt!

❌ using rewards, bribes and punishment (this only draws a wedge between you abd your kids),

❌ drowning in information overload because you’ll have a simple, tailored parenting strategy that’s been customised for you!

Enrolment starts and new clients this month are entitled an additional month of support with me, giving you a full 12 weeks of personalised 1.1 mentoring. As I currently only have space to take on 3 clients, do reach out now for an early bird saving! And if this resonates with you, you’re most welcome to PM me over messenger for more information. 🙂

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