Where do you ‘DRAW THE LINE⛔’?

I was having a text conversation with a friend the other day where she quizzed on how we can “stay patient” when parenting yet know when we should “draw the line” with kids. I thought that was a very good question and something many parents could resonate with – the need to be loving yet firm; to be a fun parent yet not be taken as a joke! 😂

It’s definitely a puzzle which I was adamant to figure out. And then I realised with 3 kids in tow, I was stacked against the challenge 3x over! 🤯 To be fair, it’s not always that the 3 of them demand my attention at once but it’s reasonable to say that it happens often because kids thrive on boisterousness – at least mine do. 😆 So I join in sometimes for good measure! 😁

But we all have our moments and what each situation calls for. At 9pm this evening, after a long day at the office, I found myself caught in a labyrinth of kids’ unfinished schoolwork, son’s tears of overwhelm, daughter’s fooling around everytime I shifted my attention away from her and the youngest who had to stick with the crowd (even though we were just doing homework) and mess things up a little. Well, with bedtime encroaching and all that mayhem unfolding before me – that’s when I drew the line. Peace ensued INSTANTLY.

The thing is, being patient is a great virtue but so is being REAL! Who wants added stress from being who we’re not?! But we don’t let off steam any old how as well.

Picture this – each time we CHOOSE to exercise discretion as parents, it’s tantamount to earning “brownie points” like respect from the kids! It’s not so much about morphing into a pleasing, permissive parent, but more of creating our parenting arsenal so that “drawing the line” when the need arises would call for a desired outcome at the very moment that matters most to our sanity. 😇🙏

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