Is it time for a RESET ⏮ yet?!

Omg, is it March already?!

Does it not amaze you how fast time seems to be passing us by these days? I don’t know if you’ve started working on your 2021 resolutions yet but one thing I realised is that despite the grandeur of big goals and lofty dreams, getting by day to day can get quite hard at times. I’ve been struggling a little in the month of Jan and Feb with rushed timelines at work that took a toll on my mental health (which culminated into a car accident the week before though fortunately, no injuries sustained. 🙏)

I reckon we need a reset in a midst of all the busyness and recognising our RHYTHMS allows seeing when a break is due. Getting intentional on our routines does wonders to our state of mind too, like how I subsequently found trivial fun in my daily skincare regime with a favourite zebra headband and a new cleansing device 😄 (click the play button below 👇).

On the parenting front, incorporating and practising family RITUALS proves to be divine too. It is through moments like these that we get to see a different side of our kids. My serendipitious encounter happened over a family swimming session last weekend when I saw how much my son has progressed from a weepy kid to showing off his prowess in diving, kicking water into my face for the umpteenth time as I stood beside him in the pool, just so he could practise touching the pool floor with his 2 hands.😅

A surge of mommy pride emerged and I’m glad I trusted my instincts of not pushing him too much because truly, everyone has their own rhythm and time to do what’s right for themselves.

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