What do you do when you feel LACKLUSTRE πŸ˜”?

I think my son holds a huge amount of respect for his school teachers because while chitchatting the other day, he deduced that I must not be very smart because I didn’t pass my interview and failed to become a school teacher years ago. πŸ˜‘ Of course I took offence because who likes to be told that they’re not very smart, especially from a 8 year old kid?! Such audacity! Foolhardy to risk his dinner for that day for sure! 😀

But I decided to live and let live and salvage whatever was left of my self-esteem. So I coolly retorted in the hope of turning the situation into one of those “teachable moments” like how a good parent would do, sagely saying things like “there are smart people everywhere” and “we don’t have to become teachers to be able to teach others, you know”… then went on to explain the emergence of different kinds of intelligence – IQ, EQ, FQ, etc. I wonder how much went in. 🀭

Well hopefully for the kids, that helped open their minds a little to something more than school and appreciate that we don’t judge a book by its cover (mom included!!). For me, the whole fiasco later reminded me of what I once read in a quote from writer, Robin Sharma:

Your ‘I CAN’ is more important than your IQ.”

Which if you really think about it, is so true! In this respect, I choose to BELIEVE in POSSIBILITIES and celebrate my own right, as much as the kids’ right, to constantly grow and evolve into the best versions of ourselves – whatever that may be, teacher or not! 😬

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