What is the #1 thing for a MINDSET🧠 shift?

We have finally survived a large part of 2020 and the year is drawing near an end with exams all done and dusted! These days I’m also seeing many posts online of school achievements of friends’ kids, which is on one hand, great because for a self-confessed chillax mom like myself, it gives me a gauge of what kind of standard I should be expecting from my kids.😄 On the other hand, I can’t help but ask myself what have I been doing as a mom given my kids’ only passable results.😆

Well, before I slip into a downward spiral from intense rumination, I decided to stop short beating myself up and instead ask a more important question – what exactly do I WANT as a mom. I mean, we all need to be clear of our goals and direction before any magic can even happen, right? How can we expect kids to perform when we (or rather me😜) don’t even know if it’s a 100% or 70% that we’re looking out for? Hah! What can I say? I’m definitely way too chillax that it’s not funny anymore. 😑

But as much as it is about what I DESIRE and setting my STANDARDS for my mini-me to follow, I figured that it’s also about what the kids want! Well honestly, it’s really ALL about what the kids want – their interests/passions/dreams! And our role as parents? To set our own standards of how best we can facilitate, guide and help kids realise their true potential in whatever their hearts ❤ desire, then fearlessly pursue what they are called to do in life!

Ok that’s about it! Time for mommy to have some TikTok fun with my latest desire for bangs! 😁😁😁 If you’re on TikTok, let’s get connected there too! https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSbYMCuF/

My latest desire for bangs! 😬

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