How do we deal with parenting SLIP-UPS 😰 (yikes!)?

Parenting is like playing a game of snakes & ladders. And since we’ve already signed up for this, we’d obviously want to emerge a winner at it right?
Like being lauded “THE BEST MOM/DAD”.👫🏆
Come on, just own up! 😬

But unlike the game, parenting is more than taking chances. In the grand scheme of things, we know it’s not about winging it but being part strategic and part intuitive. And yet despite best efforts, we slip up sometimes.

For me, it was unintentionally letting out expletives within earshot of my youngest daughter once because I was mad at something. It took me weeks to get her to stop swearing🤦‍♀️ whenever she threw her tantrums. Sigh… Given her obsession with fairies, I even told her that she wouldn’t get any visit from the tooth fairy in future because the tooth fairy doesn’t like the F-word since it starts as the same letter as the word Fairy.

That accidental swearing part?☝️That’s like stepping on the snake in the game and sliding many steps backwards because of the need for damage control. 😔

Then saying something on the fly but made PERFECTLY logical sense to a 4-5 yo (something like tooth F-airy vs F-word). That’s like suddenly landing on a spot with the ladder to take you many steps forward at once because problem solved!

Note to self: when it comes to parenting, whatever is FUN, CONNECTS well, even if it’s IMPERFECT in many ways – just do it. ✔

And be more careful in future. 🤭

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