How do we get FUTURE-FIT💪as parents?

A brief chat with my kids’ swim coach today left me a little worried how this Covid-19 situation is impacting us for real (coach had parents pulling their kids out of swim school – deemed as enrichment class – because of job loss, work passes getting terminated, etc.)

Momentarily, fear hit me. Should I be worried about my job security too (despite hating the pressure lately from top down to perform and deliver)? Catch-22 situation now. 😔

But fearing an unknown is futile. And I reminded myself that being hung up on anything is also usually not the best solution. Keeping myself INTERESTED & INTERESTING is probably a better idea than adding new worries on top of existing parenting woes! Not to mention reality is that the kids part is not going anywhere anytime soon… 😶🤭

So apart from dealing with kids’ tantrums, whining and fights, I’ve been keeping myself busy with some free online courses that are totally not work-related. 😆 “First Step Korean”, “Buddhism and Modern Psychology” on Coursera and some design lessons from designschool.canva.com.

We know anything technology is highly likely the way to go in the future. But to be truly #FUTUREFIT? It’s about some serious self-work too because enrichment lessons are not just for kids. 🤩

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