How do you SPARKLE🌟 as a parent? (Part 2)

When it comes to parenting, we know that being a good role model to our kids is imperative. But honestly, how easy is it to be that ALL THE TIME?

It’s human to get grouchy, lose our cool, fight…but somehow, becoming a parent means all these are not normal behaviours. 😔 Now that’s fair (not)!

In my work with parents, I encourage self-reflection and defining personal VALUES and PASSIONS as the first step to take. This not only aligns you with what works FOR YOU (so more headspace created), but also offers an intuitive way to parenting by showing kids what drives us is also what helps us thrive!

This is by far, one of the easiest way I know to becoming a good role model to the kids – just BEING YOURSELF! Not to mention the bonus that comes with it – developing a PERSONAL STYLE!💃🕺

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