What’s the EASIEST way to get kids started on ANYTHING πŸ™Œ?

According to research, approximately 65% of the human population is made up of visual learners. I’m definitely one myself. 😁

Well, based on my anecdotal evidence as a parent to 3 young kids, I figured this holds true for kids too! Especially when it comes to getting them started and going at something outside of play. πŸ˜”

So the general rule of thumb when it comes to parenting: THINK VISUAL CUES! πŸ‘€

Take for example, setting up a “homework command centre” by stacking everything that needs to be done for the day in a central place, together with all the stationery required, so the kids get to LITERALLY SEE the amount of work to complete and no excuses about “I need this… I need that…” blah blah.

It’s also no wonder why our words always fall upon deaf ears… see that small blue star above again☝️? That’s how much time and effort anything verbal takes!

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