How do you think LESS but get MORE? 💭

Being a very visual person, I’ve been wanting to do a visual introductory post of myself in this space for awhile now, but couldn’t muster enough inspiration to put things across in the ‘perfect’ way.

Yes, I do suffer from the need to be perfect from time to time, which I also know is extremely counterproductive!

Sometimes less means more; following our gut feel beats strategizing everything to make sure we ‘cover all bases’. This holds true especially with expectations we have of ourselves, people around us, even our kids!

To put things back into perspective, I decided to keep things simple. Here’s me sharing a screenshot of my Pinterest profile page which I snapped in one second and my problem solved! Now, talk about efficiency!⚡

I wrote this short brief of myself a couple of years back and it still stands today. I think this is exactly how I see/would like to see myself, the main themes in my life and generally what I truly care about. 😊

If it’s of any interest to you, feel free to check out what I pin about all the time! (obviously it includes K-drama stars too like Kim Nam Gil 🤩).

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