What makes you come ALIVE🔥?

Feel like you’re going to stay stuck in a parenting rut for the rest of your life? That was what I felt back then when my kids were a little younger than now, not to mention x3 the impact! 👧🧑👶 = 🤯

These days, it’s a little easier given that rationalizing things with them works and what I found effective is telling them things like breaking up fights take a lot of ENERGY from me and leaves me with nothing much for the fun stuff we can do.

I know this will likely stick because my eldest daughter was instantly wide-eyed and ranted a slew of things we do on the fly such like playing “stick bugs” (a superfluous game I came up with) when we go to the pool.

As parents, we definitely need that occassional boost, so what gives you the right kind of energy that puts you in a good spot to run your parenting relay? For me, good music is definitely one of my favourite options. 🎶🎵

What’s yours? 🙂 Drop me a comment below to share. I love new ideas!

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