How do you SPARKLE🌟 as a parent? (Part 1)

Self-care is clearly important for those who need to take care of others other than themselves, like us parents. The truth though, is that it can be a little challenging sometimes to strike a nice balance between time for ourselves vs time for our kids – like how I recently went a little overboard with self-care and completed an entire series of Korean drama in a week! The downside of this binge-watching episode was of course, finding myself a little “out of touch” with my kids by the end of that week, but the upside of this? Picking up the Korean finger heart. 😁

And who knew that the finger heart can be such a great parenting tool!

I taught this to my youngest daughter and instead of the usual morning hugs before I head off for work, we flash this sign at each other simultaneously and it never fails to crack us up and puts me in a good mood at the start of the day. Talk about GOOD VIBES! I’ll sometimes flash it at random too and it always brings up the giggles. Honestly, this is really cute and a sure-win with kids, and I’m not the only one who thinks so – this K-pop gesture is seriously taking the world by storm!

It’s time to be that sparky parent! 🌟 Go you!

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