What to do if your kid is a REBEL 😈?

If there is one thing that parents want from their kids, it’s for them to be agreeable – always a yes to their asks for doing chores, picking up after themselves, co-existing harmoniously with their siblings and completing their homework without a prompt. *parental bliss* 😇

Umm well, that’s pretty standard stuff, although I know it’s not easy to achieve all the time for many parents out there. But flipping things around – have you ever thought about the child who follows through on your ask but is somewhat a ‘rebel’ who just wants to do things differently?

Sure, your ask has been heeded but it’s being done in a manner that you didn’t quite expect. I can see why that’s very much a woe to Moms and Dads alike because ‘rebel kids’, as I term them, love to do things that out of the ordinary! And that in itself, throws parents off tangent, which can be pretty unnerving or frustrating. 🤯 Would you then nag him/her to death just so to adhere to your expectations or standards? Or would you reprimand him/her for being ‘difficult’ and proceed to get him/her to align to what you think should be the right way?

If you were to ask me, I’d suggest you do NOTHING about it.

Well of course, if your kid’s actions were breaching any safety guidelines or his/her behaviour was disrupting more than a little of the peace in a vicinity, then it might be a good idea for you to intervene. Otherwise, it’s definitely parenting wisdom to observe from the sides and allow kids to be who they are.

And here’s why:

⚡’Rebel kids’ dare to be different and hence are less risk-averse. This character trait would serve them well in terms of seeking out better ways of doing things.

⚡They would also possess natural curiosity and are almost always good at putting a new spin to old ways, keeping things peculiar yet exciting all at the same time. This creates meaning as life around them becomes interesting, fun and forward-looking.

So Moms and Dads, no squashing any joy or talent in them! These are the future’s movers and shakers, as much as they are the fabric weavers of a colourful society. ‘Rebel kids’, as with any other good kids, have their own unique value proposition and definitely significant in their own ways to make this world go round! 🌏😊

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