Do you need more time for “stuff”?

The thing I love about the blogging world is how blogging folks from all walks of life turn up with their little tricks and tips that help make our lives better.

Just few weeks back, I was staying up late one night to come up with my list/schedule of to-dos because apart from kids, work, errands, my passion project (more on this soon!), myself ie self-care, I had to factor in more time and headspace for our new home renovation recently. The hubs took on the task of liaising with our interior designer but this doesn’t mean we could just sit back and relax and leave the whole home renovation to someone else. I mean there’s still the need to decide on colours, purpose of each room and what to do with them like whether to build in a top-hung cabinet or not, that sort of thing. And the list of shopping to do!

You know, it can get overwhelming but I figured I’d just put in some structure to tackle everything through a 3-step process of ‘List’, ‘Schedule’ and then ‘Track’. I feel that by putting things down on paper (or in a spreadsheet for that matter) it makes things a lot easier and less stressful.

I’m halfway done with my 3-step process and then I came across something from a Mommy blogger whom I follow. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Suzi had a very similar idea that she recommends on her blog, down to the exact term that she and I use to describe the process! Only thing she had 2 additional steps in between that makes hers a 5-step process instead. And you know what, I love it!

Apart from ‘List’, ‘Schedule’ and ‘Track’, she introduces ‘Categorize’ and ‘Prioritize’ as well. I think that’s actually very clever! It goes further to help us draw much needed boundaries for ourselves by culling down to what’s even worth being bothered about so that we don’t drive ourselves nuts trying to be everything to everyone, everytime. Have a read of her post here🙂

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