Moms, how do you do INTENSE moments?

I’m in mommy crisis mode now, or rather, recovering from mommy crisis mode which I suffered over the span of 2 days this weekend.

This weekend, I got really MAD with the kids for umpteen times and it all started because of homework. It’s unbelievable because I thought I have gotten a good stranglehold on this whole mommy thing. I’m a FTWM? No worries! I’ve nicely worked out a weekday afternoon homework plan for the 2 elder ones, who are in Primary school now, so that they learn to put in effort to finish up their assignments without Mommy in sight. And I’m so proud of them because they did adhere to this homework plan 80% of the time during the last school term (Jan-Mar). A good start to 2019 I must say.

It has been 2 weeks since the start of term 2 2019 and the kids are showing signs of slippage. Grrrr… you see, as much as we want and expect kids at age group (~6-10years old) to consistently listen and actually follow our well-devised plan, which in theory would take them from being blah to wah!, us, as parents have also got to keep up with the plan too, which basically mean Mommy me can’t slack off! Thankfully I’m fully aware and convinced of this fact ever since last year after Dan’s (my eldest daughter) school work nose-dived. And it couldn’t have been more coincidental that not so fantastic grades started rolling in after I went back to fulltime work.

In the recent weekend episode, it didn’t help that a simple, straightforward request to get Dan to complete one of her most disliked piece of homework (piano theory) had me drew flaks from her, then losing it as a result.

1. Say, “I’ll not REACT ever again!”

There’s always hope. That’s me, being deliriously positive again because I’ve erupted into my terrifying mommy moments, in front of the kids, more than once in my life. Those crazy times where in hindsight, you wondered if the mad woman outbursts would have marred your kid for life. I’m capable of raising the plastic IKEA kid stool (but not throwing it of course) and that gesture was suffice for Dan to imitate the next day during a squabble with Mic, her little sister, who is 4 years her junior. Or for Mic to scream at the top of her lungs to get her way just because she saw Mommy did likewise when I lost it the other day.

Monkeys see, monkeys do. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰

2. Apologise for bad behaviour

That’s me again, apologising to the kids because I want to bring across the message that:

1) Mommy screwed up temporarily.

2) Everyone needs to say he/she’s sorry for mistakes made, and that includes Mommy or Daddy.

3) Kids, please don’t EVER do this at home again, or anywhere for that matter.

3. Next achievement to unlock – Be CALM

Can you imagine the amount of mom guilt all that shouting and screaming and going ballistic create?!

Copius amount.

Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to subject themselves to feeling CRAPPY again. Therefore, what’s important now is to fix that mind. Yes, you got that just right – THE MIND. Being mom, I’m sure some of you might just have one or two or a couple of tricks, sometimes simple, other times cool 😎, up your sleeve that can effectively help bring your nerves down to 1 (it’s never zero for moms!) on a scale that measures up to say, 100. What I can suggest that is a sure fire way – simple, cool, and best of all, has long term benefits is *drums roll*:


Mommies, nip it in the bud!

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