What’s your MOJO 👯‍♀️?

While fiddling with my mobile phone (somehow I always chance upon something while at it so who can blame adults/kids for mobile phone addiction right? 😆), I came across a piece I wrote as part of my interview for a digital writer bank role some years back. I actually feel pretty pumped while reading it! Woohoo, this is definitely feeling somewhat, almost like my mojo. Do let me know what you think!

Would you be swayed to invest in all those tough-to-understand, tough-to-remember financial products like bonds, stocks and unit trusts? I know I always find it hard to register everything despite being a Finance major turned executive for the last decade or two!! The reality of life. 😅

Hope this works out to be an easy read for you. 😊

I’m a hoarder, reinvented

I am a hoarder. I was taught to save for a rainy day and new clothes bought way before Chinese New Year had to be kept in the wardrobe till the festivities, which in hindsight, felt like an extreme form of delayed gratification training for young kids. This hoarding instinct did however, serve me well and by the time I graduated from the university, I had saved up a fair bit of cash in my POSB savings account through my purposefully cultivated way of life.

Fast forward a few years and life throws you into unchartered waters with a brood to feed, bills to pay and no time to do the things you want. I figured I needed to be more creative in ways around managing my time and finances, the latter of which has morphed into more complicated stuff like mortgage that takes forever to clear down. I needed a long-term strategy, a system in place to keep things running in the background while I free up time fulfilling duties and chasing dreams. As much as I wished, saving up in my POSB account wasn’t going to take on a life of its own to grow strategically and support my newfound life direction.

Thanks to the beauty of Digital Marketing, I learnt a way to be smart about my money from the same bank that served my needs since I was a kid. It was while scrolling through my Facebook feeds one day that I came across a suggested post on the POSB Invest-Saver plan. Bells rang in my head and I delved in. This didn’t sound too far from the familiar savings account I knew, which took some fear of the unknown away. I found out that,
• a fixed monthly amount buys units from a basket of shares/bonds so minimal research on each security’s performance needed. I could save on time and spend on things that interest me like writing this blog!
• a higher return attainable as share dividends or bond coupons pay more than the usual savings interest.
• no need to monitor the market nor time my investments with dollar-cost averaging as more units bought at low prices and less when they go up.

Good things come to those who wait, so this plan sounds perfect when stretched out long-term for compounding to take effect as my units grow. I decided to give it a go, set up a regular savings plan and select my preferred exchange-traded fund to invest in at $100 per month. All at the click of a button via my iBanking login and it wasn’t even in a day’s work. To be precise, 10 minutes was all it took.

That’s all folks! Let me know what you think in the comments below. 😁

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