Moms, should we really be reading between the lines?

I am so, so pumped today, now, at 1am in the morning. I really should be sleeping but then it’d probably mean that I wouldn’t have come to the revelation after 1 year of wondering why an opening that I applied for previously had me fall short of getting hired at the very last minute. Bugger, right?

1. A trip down memory lane

Flash back to November 2017, I was wilting in my Finance job and really needed a career switch into something more aligned with my interests, something like writing. However, putting on my practical hat, clearly I needed to work at something that still pays the bill and not jump wholesale into the world of becoming a blogger (dream job, of course) and quitting some dreaded work. Since I was working in a bank, I figured that the next best thing was to stay within the industry, and try out a different kind of role. Through sheer luck, I chanced upon an opening within another bank, somewhat the role of a digital writer who’s tasked to promote investment knowledge and retail banking products to the man on the street. What a great marriage of my skills and experience in Finance and interest in writing!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how opportune this was and my dear ex-teammate and ex-manager (whom I gave heads-up to because the HR from the potential hiring company would be reaching out for reference checks) were happy to help me out where they could. But it was probably not very opportune as well as by the time things were almost concrete, Christmas holidays came along and the whole hiring process was held up because of bosses going on leave and no one around to “sign and approve” the decision to hire me. And so I waited.

2. Getting “feedback”

By the time all the Christmas and New Year festivities subsided, it was already the end of January 2018. I received a call from HR that the director of the hiring team would like to have a chat with me again to “get some feedback” just because it had been “some time”. Fair enough. Fast forward to weeks later, the once engaging HR lady who was constantly keeping me in the loop refused to return my calls, a clear sign of a no-go but poorly managed in my opinion.

That incident kind of affected me a fair bit because I was so close to securing a new role that sounded exciting enough. But in a mom, reinvented fashion, I shrugged and moved on. Things happen for a reason, right? And that reason, I figured it out today, after a year. πŸ˜…

3. What it really means

I’m in the midst of getting picked (or not) for a role because my current one, a 6-month contract, is coming to an end in 3 weeks’ time. After an interview last Tuesday, the head of the hiring team texted me last evening for a quick chat on “feedback” tomorrow. And then I figured why because I’d do the exact same thing if I were in two minds about something. It’d be something I had already decided or was heavily inclined towards but somehow, something came up along the way to shove the inclination a little more towards the fence. Tracing back my steps is a way of gathering some final information to ascertain my initial decision, but if said the wrong way, this final, sudden need for “feedback” would really flip things around drastically. And that was what happened for the digital writer bank job.

It helps to be able to read between the lines sometimes, not because we want to gain an upper hand or outsmart others. It’s really just to allow ourselves to manage expectations and not take things too seriously that it hurts. Essentially, it teaches to chill over certain things so that you don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily and unwittingly throw in a spoiler for something that might otherwise be good!

I’d just say what I say tomorrow and if it gels, great (because I can stop job hunting. LOL!), else I still have work to do – reinventing myself.

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