Moms, what is the one thing you need to do each day?

I really need to do at least one good laugh a day.

As you might already know, I re-entered the workforce after taking a 5-month hiatus in the early part of 2018 just so to prepare my eldest daughter as she transitions from preschool to formal primary school education. In fact, it was also for me to familiarize with the workings of a new school’s curriculum (I took 2 terms to finally figure out how to interpret the school’s circulars especially on the academic calendar of what to take note and when). The straw that broke the camel’s back was however, not quite the above reason as to why I quit my job then. But it is what it is and I decided to go with the flow and made the best out of my situation, which is to adjust my focus and paid more attention to buiding my kids up and myself as well with the start of this blog. ๐Ÿ˜Š

1. Take a break

It is possibly a good thing to get away from the grind of daily corporate work and then get back with renewed vigour and a fresh pair of eyes. What those 5 months did to me was to seal the deal on the kind of person I would like to see myself morph into going forward, or rather, for me to finally surrender to the notion of being me, being happy. Period.

I started work at the new place with a mindset that I could and should do things differently, blend in with people whether they are half my age (and a bit) or a couple of years ahead of me. I think it’s important to allow myself to engage with people across a spectrum – older, younger, richer, smarter, the regular guy, etc. I found it much easier to live my day, happily. I found that communicating with others gave me new perspectives that are invaluable as I take them back home with me each day, back to my role as a Mom. I see an even bigger picture of how I can manage the kids in terms of my parental expectations of their academic progress as well as how I’d like to see them grow and become as a whole.

2. Work out of norm

And so I’ve been pretty much a goof at this new place of work because back to my 3-second purpose entry, I see it more important to build relationships first then of course, build and furnish good work to beef up my case. But today, I decided to switch things around and tried tuning into a more serious mood for work. I stopped playing a fool at the office and primed myself for ‘more work, less play’, so to speak. The verdict is, it felt HORRIBLE. I ended up receiving odd remarks or rather, question from one well-meaning (I hope) colleague on why I was “walking about so much”. (????????) The truth is, I’ve ALWAYS been walking about so much – talking to people, enquiring about work stuff, organizing meetings, attending meetings, etc. so this “walking about so much” was exactly what I’ve been up to for the past 3 months! Ehhhh, I wonder where have this colleague of mine been all these while. ๐Ÿ˜†

Or I simply get stoned-face responses from others when I talked work. I guess that’s because I, myself gave exactly a stoned face when I approach with my question.

Obviously, I was attracting the wrong kind of vibes. Literally.

3. Figure out your oomph

I figured that I really needed one good laugh to loosen things up, not by a little, but by a lot more! You know, to bring up the creativity juices, witty come-back, etc. And this was exactly what happened by the end of the day. A colleague of mine came by to ask if I knew what their deadline was for a piece of collaborated work. I didn’t know her exact date but knew mine, so could only infer hers at the very least? She shared with me that she was working on X case and instinctively, I asked if it were her case that she’s working on, thinking that she could be helping to cover for a team-mate who had called out sick that day. In hindsight, it was a somewhat a silly question it seemed because the office practice has been to work on assigned cases first and if all things fail, work on reassigned ones. And so she replied in gist that yes, it’s her case (obviously). Intentionally, I knew we were all working hard to meet these crazy deadlines lately (ie stressed out!), but unintentionally, I threw across a come-back.

“Oh yeah that’s true, who’d have the time to do others’ cases, right?” *Grin*

Fortunately for me, this blunt come-back of mine made the colleague break out into a wide smile and I knew there and then that things were made right at day’s end. Clearly, I was glad I tickled the funny bones of this colleague, because in turn, it tickled mine for the rest of the evening as I periodically recollect the situation.

Even giggling to myself makes me want to laugh. ๐Ÿ˜„

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