Decor away, with KIDS!

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Our family will be moving into a new place come the end of this year and the kids obviously can’t wait, given how they’ve started to ask when we’ll be making the shift since the beginning of this year. That basically drove me into planner/designer mode.

As with most people, one of my objectives in crafting a home is to achieve a one-of-a-kind, tasteful abode that exudes my personal style at as low a budget as possible. As such, I’ve been strategizing on how I can do up our new place. I originally wanted to leave all the hard work of fixing up lighting points and the likes to a contractor and then engaging a home staging team to spruce things up a little for a flat fee, but changed my mind when I came across and was blown away by Tasha’s designing skills! Enough said. I’m pumped up on taking up the challenge with DIY home decor projects! ๐Ÿ˜

Home decor with kids in mind

With 3 young kids in tow, I’d need to think about the sort of home decor that would sit well with active kids around. Clearly, the safety and financial aspects of things are significant here. There should be minimal or nothing that breaks easily, sharp to touch or too expensive to replace if broken. Permanent ink scribblings on walls are probably unavoidable (especially with my youngest who would only be 3 when we shift), so I’d steer away from expensive wall papers at areas that are easy targets for her. Perhaps wall decals will be a cheaper alternative, like a chalkboard wall sticker!

What kids think and say

Since the two older kids are older now (pun unintended), I’d be engaging them for their opinions on how we should do up the new place. Now, why should I bother seeking kiddy advice because what do they know right? The wierd thing is, they do. My eldest daughter has time and again demonstrated her rather good taste for stuff. There was once after her piano class, when she pulled me into a furniture store in the same mall to try out some nice couches. I’ve since earmarked that store as one of my sources for home furniture in time to come.

And who would have known that my son has a keen eye for (the lack of) nice furnishings? I’ve been decluttering a fair bit for the past 5 months, partly in preparation of our move to the new place, and partly to clear things that no longer serve much purpose for us as a family. On the day I successfully resold an ethnic divider that once stood against the wall of our dining area, my son commented unabashedly how ‘ugly’ the walls were because they were so bare!

Craft it with kids

I totally respect and appreciate kids and am keen to get them involved in things as a family. It’s a great idea because it not only builds relationship bonds, but also self-esteem and their confidence in voicing viewpoints assertively. Getting them involved would also mean working their hands on crafts – creating – which lets them see that they can make something out of nothing. I think that’s a powerful thought and way of seeing things in life.

Of course, we’d probably have to do it bite-size or in more manageable ways for them. Printables are a great way to start with. They’re usually inexpensive to produce but can be beautiful to create. Oh, and I absolutely love the idea that they are in a way, eco-friendly! Totally my kind of stuff. ๐Ÿ˜„ There are tons of great samples out there on the WWW but what I love are geometric shapes and bold rainbow colours to match. You can search online and print them on paper or quality stickers meant for printables. Or you can just DIY! I’ve come up with one myself (as shown in the feature image above) and a quick tutorial below on how to create a lovely DIY art piece by your little Picasso. Really, I’m not kidding!

For this quick DIY project that is age-appropriate, you will need:

1. Draw geometric shapes on a white piece of paper. This paper works as a template/stencil.

2. Carve out the shapes using a pen knife and do use a cutting board for good cutting effects.

3. Place this DIY stencil onto another piece of paper and paint away at the cut-out areas.

4. Remove the stencil and voila! Add some details (like those black/coloured spots I included in my version of the printable ๐Ÿ˜).

You’ll see that this little masterpiece will be living room-worthy! Frame it up nicely and let it form part of your decor in the common areas at home, not necessarily confining kiddy works to the bedroom only. I honestly think that this will act as a daily reminder of feel-good factor for the kids!

Let’s he-ack it!

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