How to upcycle for a party EASILY

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Party planning has got to be one of the most fun things to do these days! There’s a lot of options out there from hiring a professional party planner (comes with quite a pricetag usually) to saving some money and doing it yourself by sourcing for customised printables and materials online. For me, I relied mainly on purchasing cartoon-themed ware and supplies from local party shops to spruce up my kids’ birthday parties. I know, it’s a no-brainer. 😁

Trends in party planning

Recently, I had an epiphany. Given how parties are always a time of merrymaking and *gasp* excesses, I felt that party planning should really be one of the first few instances tuned towards the concept of upcycling. And it’s not difficult to start this with kids’ parties! Honestly, the best kids’ parties that I have been to and fondly remember of are always those that are a little quirky yet casual. Kids will be kids and what’s not to expect but a little fun and going with the flow? If you think about it, the concept behind upcycling is quite similar to values like these – you casually stumble upon underused/unwanted materials in the house and with some magic, come up with something different and quirky yet functional nonetheless! Did I also mention that anything homemade is always the topic of conversation and great icebreakers for the parents too?

Start your 1st upcycle party

If you are planning to throw a party anytime soon, why not take up the challenge and go full throttle to create one from scratch? It’s not as difficult as it seems, really. Regardless of the length of your invite list, a party these days should NOT be without a scene-setter, party games and favours and a nice feature table filled with goodies and an awesome-looking birthday cake to die for. These really make for lovely group pictures that POP! There is also something about buntings that I love because these hanging flags never fail to bring out the festive vibes! Oh, and fairy lights too!

There are tons of party ideas out there and you can find them on the WWW but below are my top 5 party decor ideas that you can easily DIY. I have my reasons for curating and these 5 ideas make the cut. These are mainly items we commonly find at home and put together either by tying/knotting, using glue or simple stitching techniques. If I can do these, anyone can too because I am all for convenient solutions in making things that look like they cost a million bucks. Enjoy!

Scene setter ideas: Creating simple streamers or something along the line of a photobooth backdrop work wonders. Here are my favourites from icecreamoffpaperplates and ohhappyday.

Party games and favours ideas: Both little boys and girls alike would love something like a foosball table! I suspect it has got to do with kids’ general tendency of wanting to win at everything all the time. πŸ˜… This should keep them much entertained. 😁

Feature table ideas: Think centrepiece, cupcake stands and what-not but you really shouldn’t miss these gumball machines from ladybeindthecurtains and beautiful hot air balloons from laclassedellamaestravalentina that should fit many party themes given its simplicity. This site is not in English but the tutorial is easy to follow pictorially.

P.S. if you’re wondering how to find/accumulate all the required raw materials from home in order to make it for a party that’s scheduled for say, in a week or two, work things around and source for recyclable materials from neighbours, friends or even go online! This is perfectly fine. All in the spirit of upcycling, really. 😁 Oh, and here’s a quick resource to lovely fairy lights.😍

Let’s he-ack it!

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