Giving justice to UPCYCLING

This blog was created to reflect two aspects of me which I have singled out as of utmost importance, following that of my family, of course 😁.

I have a penchant for constantly seeking ways to better myself, as seen by the proportion of posts I have written so far that relates to “Upskilling”. I hope to share my two cents’ worth and inspire if I may.

I also hope to see myself as a precursor to sustainable ways of living in this part of the world where I reside, where the idea of DIY and upcycling still feels very much in its infancy stage. Recycling has taken some form around me and I absolutely love the idea of buying into recycled toys, notebooks and what not. But creating upcycled items? That’s next on my list to hack!

If you noticed, I haven’t really posted much on “Upcycling” to date and give this other aspect that I respect, much digital justice as yet. I know, it’s such a shame! In all honesty, I wanted to try my hand on creating simple upcycled home decor crafts to boast in my abode as well as sharing it in this space, but I haven’t found the right time to complete what I set out to do.

Thank goodness, all is not lost.

Recently, as I was scouring the web for inspiring DIY ideas that I can easily follow, I came across an online magazine of sorts, a curation blog showcasing some very amazing pieces of work collated from various blogs and online sources. looks put together. I love the easy-to-remember url, iconic logo (the silhouette of a house is very apt I must say for home decor works) and overall clean, minimalist look of a website. This curation blog lists beautiful images of upcycled products found typically in the home and its editors put in effort to organise things a little so that ideas picked from everywhere do eventually come together that makes reading and following this blog a breeze.

I’d also like to introduce you to another awesome niche blog, This blogger mum of 3 has an amazing taste for design and flair for home decor works. I love how she has created a visual sitemap of sorts (under “Explore My Home” in the dropdown menu) to introduce the reader to blog posts she has written in relation to the DIY/upcycling crafts that are all now part of her home furnishings. It makes for an interactive user interface that is unique and really rather different from the usual niche blogs we see. Very beautiful handmade/homemade items as well, I must say.

Seriously, blogs like these inspire me so much! You can say that being able to become the force behind such fantastic blogs would be a dream come true for me. To be able to create and communicate all the awesome-ness in such a beautiful manner is really an art in itself. In all earnestness, I forsee a space in time where people would eventually embrace the idea of upcycling, bring themselves back to the basics and be kinder by not giving in to excesses or wastage.

Let’s he-ack it!

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