One of those days

I bet everyone has gone through at least a bad day in his/her life, when unpleasant events which usually won’t happen, happen. And despite just going about doing your thing, in some way or another you find yourself stepping on toes or getting rubbed the wrong way.

It was exactly that for me today. One of those days…

It might have been some negative vibes carried over from the weekend. You know, the Law of Attraction, you-are-what-you-think-and-feel that sort of thing. I slipped into anger mode on 2 separate occassions over the last weekend and perhaps, from a metaphysical point of view, those instances left some negativity in me and messed up my state of mind as I moved into the new week. Not cool at all.

So how can we snap out from a bad state?

Firstly, it’s always important to tell yourself that whatever you are experiencing will pass. I know it’s probably easier said than done sometimes, but the truth is, things always change. How else did you slip into “bad luck” if things were going great for you say, yesterday? I suppose some people call this the ‘ebb of life’. It’s a little tricky if bad luck stretches out into a series of not-so-great events happening continuously and you start doubting yourself. Keep the faith nonetheless and ride it out.

But how specifically, do we “ride it out”? You might ask next.

I find taking a break works wonders. This could mean for example, taking a quick nap or cuppa to break the day’s momentum if it’s just a bad morning experienced. For something a little more persistent, a quick trick is to simply go about your daily routine and do what you have to do. It’s abit like going through the motion, so avoid any heavy weight-lifting stuff. Let time sort out the nuances and don’t fight it out because doing which might land you in hot soup, given that you are already not in the best state of mind! Of course, do believe that things will get better.

For me today, I’m glad a power nap did me well and I woke up more settled. My senses heightened from restful sleep and I could smell the aroma of home-cooked dinner that wafted into the bedroom. With a much lighter heart and clearer head, I made a beeline to the kitchen to join my mother-in-law for a bonding session and some tip-sharing on Chinese cooking 😁.

Let’s he-ack it!

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