State of Flow

I have always been drawn to feeling for things and people. I love anything Art, Design and Craft and did naturally well in the Art subject at a young age in school despite not having any formal training nor art classes outside of the school curriculum. I remember vividly once in Primary 3 (9 years old) where I had submitted a piece of work of a ball-balancing circus seal, coloured with pasted shedded paper, only to receive questions from the teacher if this was work solely done by me.

Onto my Secondary school days and I often had classmates asking me how I drew well, to which in all honesty, I had no idea because I never thought anything about it. I just did it! The Art subject was tested and at Secondary 2 (14 years old), together with 300 girls across the standard, we worked on an exam topic about designing a paper bag of sorts. And for this I came in top. I see Art as a natural gift of mine. I feel that this is my flow.

Two decades down the road and I’m finding back my passions. I think it would be marvelous to be able to draw again and work on that artistic side of me which I had buried deep within in my pursuit of academic achievements. Likewise, the pursuit of key passions have to start with a resolution. And to continue with this pursuit, to grow and flourish, there are concrete steps to take so that what you want comes to fruition eventually. Nothing airy-fairy that remains only as wistful thoughts.

A quick way is to immerse yourself in what makes you feel right. I find chancing upon beautiful spaces exceptionally inspiring and helps ideas flow (pun unintended πŸ˜†). For others, it could be sitting down at the cafe, enjoying a cuppa. For me, it has got to be soaking up the serenity and vibes of the deep but vast knowledge of our world, past and present, contained in a place like a library. I can appreciate the good interior design of one too, tangible aesthetics so to speak, which somehow makes it feel that things that I hold dearly to my heart are worthwhile. Now, what is your special place of refuge to get to your state of flow?

Let’s he-ack it!

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