Finding myself, with a twist

How I got acquainted with Carousell was honestly by sheer (mis)fortune. By way of introduction, Carousell is a local startup, headquartered in Singapore and works on e-commerce. It is more commonly known as an online marketplace for second-hand items but works just as well for new products marketed at low (or no) costs.

The story goes of how I had placed an e-commerce order for 28 pairs of Minions goggles as favours for my son’s birthday 2 weeks earlier but miscalculated on shipping. Understandably, the goggles were nowhere in sight on the night leading to his birthday celebration in school, which left me scrambling to grab some chocolates from the nearby supermarket as substitutes. All 28 pairs were eventually delivered to my doorstep 1 day later πŸ˜‘.

Being the level-headed person that I always am 😁, I had to convince the hubby that we did not spend unnecessarily, nor wasted money only to get ourselves stuck with 28 pairs of goggles when we only had 6 pairs of eyes at home that could make full use of these props. I quickly set up an account on Carousell, which had by then earned a reputation locally as THE online place to go to for resale items. It helped that I enjoyed snapping clean, neat photos of items for resale, as well as write accompanying stories to provide background or highlight each product’s usability. Upload is swift and response from prospective buyers is quick too given the popularity of this online marketplace of an app.

Three months into this and I’ve recovered about a thousand dollars from items that I no longer use at home! This is clearly a game-changer in terms of how I, or rather us all, would view the notion of recycling! I’m utterly thrilled with finding new boundaries in the spectrum of reinvention. Unwanted items no longer needed to be discarded (such a waste!) nor donated to thrift stores to demonstrate an item’s longevity. I have a taste of how it feels like interacting with consumers, moderate myself with the different types of buyers out there and get a real kick in clearing items for cash!

Being a Carousell seller has honestly fulfilled a part of me wanting to engage in my own business and allows me to exercise my keen interest in writing and Marketing to some extent. Perhaps I should design a logo of sorts to fill in on the empty profile picture. That should really revive my long forgotten drawing skills! πŸ˜ƒ

Let’s he-ack it!

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