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The finest of 21st century parenting tips and tricks … for conscious parents to score in their game of raising great kids and becoming better versions of themselves.”

Here’s the gameplan:

🎯”3-Minute Reads On…” are short blog posts providing exactly the right dose of inspiration or tricks to ‘hack’ this parenting game, categorized into 3 key growth areas of: Mindset, Life Skills and Soul Food. No more lengthy reads that take forever to finish amid the constant interruptions in parenting life!

🎯”3-Second Pick-Me-Ups To…” are even shorter tips or quotes dished out to help you on days when you run low on time fuel or ‘mood’ to manage through a 3-minute post. (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. 🙆🏻‍♀️). Turn things around instantly with 3 positive actions: Cheer, Connect and Create good experiences again.

🎯”21st Century Parenting Principles” showcases a series of infographics that depict what every 21st century parent needs to know to level up! Inject a quick boost to your parenting confidence in a flash, literally. Watch this space!

Browse, have fun and I hope you find great inspiration within!

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